One of The Strand’s most popular haunts has been reopened following extensive refurbishment

One of ┬áThe Strand’s most popular haunts has been reopened by an entrepreneurial duo who aren’t looking to make a profit – but missed sinking a pint or two of real ale in the old place.

When the opportunity arose to acquire The Strand establishment, the team began a quest to create the ultimate pub hub.

Pouring a substantial amount of money into a redesign of the establishment, the team set about putting The Savoy Tup back on the map, with a redesigned layout and interior/exterior makeover.

Speaking about the ambitious project, Ian Harrison said: “we have invested a significant sum in transforming The Savoy Tup through a comprehensive redesign and refurbishment with the aim of renewing its appeal to the professional, local and female clientele.”

The redesigned bar has also had a delicious makeover of its Ales too, being an independent pub, they have the advantage of sourcing some of the South of Englands best Ales, sourced from Micro Breweries.

In addition the venue will be hosting regular live entertainment, including the latest Sports, Live Bands, regular comedy nights and a Pay Day Disco, turning it into one of the liveliest places on The Strand