6th November weeks round up

So we had a great night at our beer event, The Tup Takeover last Thursday introducing our guests to ales, lagers, ciders and even pairing them with food.
We tried Sharps Pilsner with Brie,  Cider with Cheddar, Chieftain IPA with Parma ham and Blue Moon with Chocolate orange. They all worked really well and tasted amazing.
The weather has started to get a bit worse but our mulled Sloe gin and apple juice and hot Gin and Tonic have been keeping the regulars warm. We’re loving the cosy atmosphere and the smell of the spiced apple juice. It feels just like home.
We are already planning the next Tup Takeover. Next time we will be doing Gin and vodka. Watch this space….

Lee Moat
Manager, Savoy Tup